ECSA conferences celebrate the citizen science community, offer networking and partnership-building opportunities, and are a biennial highlight in the citizen science calendar. They showcase new ideas and talent, and strengthen the roots of the community.

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The European Citizen Science Association | ECSA

The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) is a membership organisation that brings together hundreds of individuals and organisations to increase the democratisation of knowledge production. It supports the growth of citizen science in Europe and is advocating to establish citizen science as a recognised, promoted and funded approach.

 ECSA believes in a world where people are empowered to make a positive change through science. Our mission is to make science and research open, accessible and valuable for everyone.


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The hosts

University of Natural Resources and Life Science Vienna (BOKU, Austria)

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) is one of the most renowned life sciences universities in Europe, distinguished by its holistic approach to research and teaching. Its scientists, students and graduates work on solutions to burning social issues and for a sustainable future.

Today's University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) began its success story in 1872 as a small agricultural university under the name k. k. Hochschule für Bodencultur. Today, the BOKU locations Türkenschanze, Muthgasse and Tulln offer the 15 departments and 11,000 students optimal conditions for learning, teaching and research.

BOKU has established itself as the central hub of citizen science in Austria and manages the Citizen Science Network Austria, along with its related platform, Österreich forscht. BOKU has also (co-) organised the annual Austrian Citizen Science Conference since its initial launch in 2015.


Natural History Museum Vienna (NHMW), Austria

Founded over 270 years ago, the Natural History Museum (NHMW) is a research museum whose origins date back to the imperial collections of the 18th century. The museum houses vast collections in the fields of biology, earth sciences, anthropology, and archaeology, all within a stunning building designed as a complete artwork. It exhibits the diversity of nature, the evolution of planet Earth and life, and the related cultural development of humankind. Furthermore, the museum is one of the largest non-university research institutions in Austria and serves as a stimulating forum for scientific exchange and discussion between scholars and the wider public.

In times of global change, the museum cooperates closely with the international research community to address urgent issues like climate change, rapid loss of biodiversity and the changing relationship between humans and nature. The NHMW wishes to contribute to creating broad awareness of the causes and the consequences of ongoing developments and are committed to responsible action for the future.


The Austrian citizen science community

Austria has a very active citizen science community, with more than 80 projects on the Austrian citizen science platform Österreich forscht, several citizen science contact points throughout the country, and the annual Austrian Citizen Science Conference running since 2015. In 2024 the Austrian Citizen Science Conference will be incorporated in ECSA 2024 to foster the exchange between the Austrian and the European citizen science community. The Citizen Science Network Austria currently has 48 institutional members (including universities, museums, NGOs, associations, companies and foundations). Their citizen science blog and monthly podcast “Wissen macht Leute” reach out to over 175.000 citizen scientists who participate in projects on Österreich forscht.